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Ambiente show from January 26th to 30th – Hall 8 – Stand F91

The Coutellerie Claude Dozorme au Salon Ambiente de Francfortcutlery Claude Dozorme comes out of our borders to participate in the most important tableware’s world meeting, Ambiente fair. Indeed, the factory from Thiers will fly to Frankfürt (Germany) to present its new collections and all its ranges of table knives, kitchen knives and pocket knives, to buyers around the world.

Organized by Messe Franckfürt, Ambiente is the largest international exhibition european dedicated to the world of home with more than 2,300 exhibitors and 63,000 visitors from all over the world. It meets once a year, at the Frankfurt exhibition center, the most prestigious brands of the culinary sector.

For many years, the Claude Dozorme cutlery has taken part in this « grand-mess » of the art of living which revolves around three main themes Dining (kitchen appliances and tableware), Living (decoration and furniture ) and Giving (gift universe).
Coutellerie Claude Dozorme au Salon Ambiente de Francfort
Coutellerie Claude Dozorme au Salon Ambiente de Francfort

For the occasion, the factory located in Thiers since 1902 will be keen to exhibit its knife collections and present its latest products as its new range of corkscrews Le Thiers®. Without forgetting its essential pieces, Claude Dozorme Laguiole ! Moreover, proof of their success with visitors and specialists, Ambiente the blog had devoted an article some time ago “The bees of Laguiole – one knife conquers the world“. Read to know everything about this iconic knife made, among others, by the Claude Dozorme cutlery according to traditional and ancestral know-how!

salonIn practice Ambiente Show Parc des Expositions de Francfort January 26th to 30th, 2024 Hall 8 – Stand F91
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Maison & Objet from September 7th to 11th Hall 3

La coutellerie Claude Dozorme au salon Maison & Objet à ParisTo consolidate its reputation both in France and abroad, Claude Dozorme’s cutlery participates every year in many trade shows. The opportunity for the family factory settled in Thiers since 1902 to present its new collections and all its knives ranges as Le Thiers®, Laguiole and Capucin, among others.

At the beginning of this year, the Dozorme cutlery has made a stopover in Paris from September 7th to 11th at Maison & Objet show in the heart of the Paris Villepinte Exhibition Center. Worldwide leading trade show for all the professionals of design, home and decoration, Maison & Objet brings together, for 5 days, nearly 80 000 specialist visitors.

La coutellerie Claude Dozorme au salon Maison & Objet à ParisOn its booth located on « the red line », Claude Dozorme’s cutlery has pleased to welcome you ! Whether you are customers, buyers or prospects, from France or abroad, you discovered all our latest innovations and find the latest trend in pocket, table or kitchen knives. Among the very beautiful novelties presented this year, the cutlery will particularly focus on its new range of Le Thiers® corkscrews, which you can already discover on our YouTube channel.

Want to know more about the universe of the factory from Thiers ? Go to Maison & Objet show from September 7 to 11, 2023 ! And take the opportunity to exchange with the sparkling Claudine Dozorme and her dynamic team!
La coutellerie Claude Dozorme au salon Maison & Objet à ParisIn practice Maison & Objet Show Parc des Expositions de Villepinte à Paris September 7th to 11th, 2023 Hall 3
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Do not cut the link, Claude Dozorme cutlery is active on its social networks

Claude Dozorme cutlery has kept its expertise alive for 118 years now. Thus, it has been able to constantly adapt to fashions, new things, changes. Indispensable for creating a link, exchanging and sharing, social networks are used by Claude Dozorme cutlery to highlight all their creativity and inspiration.

Ne coupons pas le lien, la coutellerie Claude Dozorme est active sur ses réseaux

Focus on the different ways to follow Claude Dozorme cutlery :

Full view on Instagram

The beauty of a knife lies in the attention to details. On its Instagram, cutlery highlights its meticulous work through close-up and intimate photos. Thanks to its harmonious feed, the account promises subscribers elegant content, just like its products. Transmitting an emotion and being a source of inspiration, these are the missions of the @claudedozorme Instagram account.

YouTube, temple of creativity

On its YouTube channel, Dozorme cutlery offers resolutely artistic clips highlighting its multiple ranges of knives and in particular its pocket knives.

Each knife has its own video! This essential format allows you to discover the different uses of products and enhance them through captivating aesthetic images. These videos combine technical and plastic to offer the most captivating content. Like a tutorial, they also allow you to unlock all the secrets of the opening and closing mechanisms of its pocket knives, imagined by Dozorme cutlery.

A LinkedIn account, the B2B network par excellence

In parallel, to accelerate its business and increase its notoriety, Claude Dozorme has opened a LinkedIn account which aims to enhance the manufacture with a network of professionals via the publication of news, product focus and information on cutler know-how from Thiers.

A Facebook page full of content!

Finally, let’s not forget the essential Facebook. Cutlery shares all its news and adventures there through multiple formats: videos, photos, articles etc. With a very active community, the account is a source of interaction. Its more than 6000 likes are proof of this: the @ClaudeDozorme Facebook page knows how to offer new and informative content.

To find out more, follow us now. A lot of content is already waiting for you!

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Multi-slicer kitchen accessory, the ally of everyday cooking

Claude Dozorme cutlery is known and recognized for its folding knives, its table knives, its kitchen knives and its hunting knives, but not only! The cutlery imagines and designs in the heart of her workshops in Thiers other everyday objects that are just as sharp. This is the case of multi-slicer kitchen accessory, an essential accessory for any good cook!

An indispensable ally of everyday life, multi-slicer kitchen accessory, as its name suggests, was designed to slice any food, from tomato to bread, sausage or cheese. It is also very useful for splitting chestnuts before toasting them. Cutting and slicing is now child’s play!


A razor sharp to cut everything

Like Claude Dozorme’s kitchen knives, the cutter blade is made of stainless steel. It has a razor-sharp edge on both sides (one with teeth, the other smooth) and a very sharp angle allowing it to penetrate any food and then cut it.

Its stainless-steel upright has been specially designed to accommodate food of all sizes. Thus, carrots, cucumbers, baguettes, tomatoes, dry sausages… Everything can be cut by the multi-slicer kitchen accessory (subject to the size of the food)! And even meats, whether roasts or filet mignon thanks to the edge of the blade which allows them to be sliced without tearing them. A real professional kitchen knife!

Le coupe-tout, l’allié du quotidien en cuisine


Hygienic and aesthetic

With its food epoxy coating, the blade offers perfect hygiene. It is quite possible to switch from one food to another while retaining all their flavor. The blade is also easily removable. It is therefore very easy to clean and re-sharpen. And far beyond its practicality, the multi-slicer kitchen accessory will look great in the kitchen with its beech base and its black or burgundy steel upright.

Entirely made in the heart of the Thiers factory, Claude Dozorme’s multi-slicer kitchen accessory undoubtedly reflects innovation and cutlery know-how imbued with modernized tradition. A tool 100% made in France to leave prominently on its work plan!


Want to shop Claude Dozorme’s multi-slicer kitchen accessory?

Visit our online store, La Grande Coutellerie.

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Claude Dozorme on the tables of chef Hideki Nishi

We are in Paris, in the heart of the very chic 15th arrondissement of Paris. It’s in a low-traffic artery that the Japanese chef Hideki Nishi’s restaurant sets up Neige d’Été. In this discreet and refined establishment, he offers his gastronomic interpretation of French cuisine.

Since its opening in 2014, the chef has constantly offered an extremely rigorous and elegant cuisine with the utmost respect for the seasons, the product and Japanese know-how. Very quickly, he was surrounded by a first star.

Building on the success of Neige d’Éte, the chef and his wife, Nirei, opened a second address in 2018, also in the 15th arrondissement. Called Pilgrim, this new opus was awarded a Michelin’s star in 2019.

Chef Hideki Nishi


On his tables, Le Thiers® Classic et Le Thiers® by Thomas Bastide 

Couteaux Thiers - Claude DozormeTo decorate the tables of their 2 restaurants, Hideki and Nirei were immediately won over by Claude Dozorme knives. “I discovered Claude Dozorme cutlery thanks to a friend who gave us table knives of the brand. Beyond their aesthetic and design aspect, we greatly appreciated their cutting qualities. And then, that changes the Laguiole a bit…” underlines Nirei.

To decorate the minimalist and refined tables of Neige d’Éte, the couple opted for Le Thiers® table knives. With their white nacrine handle, they bring grace and sophistication to this establishment, all dressed in white and gray.

For their new gastronomic spot, they set their sights on Le Thiers® by Thomas Bastide, designer for Baccarat. With its asymmetrical handle that does not touch the table when it is put down, this exclusive creation is a perfect complement to the tables of the “soft and golden” Pilgrim.

On the cellar side, the Le Thiers® sommelier

As for the wine service, it is carried out in the rules of the art with the corkscrew Le Thiers® by Claude Dozorme!

For Nirei, the Dozorme products are really perfect. “The grip is very pleasant and we have no complaints about their sharpness. We really like the Le Thiers® table knife, which is very elegant and echoes the image of our Summer Snow restaurant. And what about Claudine Dozorme? She is so dynamic! Each time, we are delighted to see her and to share with her her love for Thiers cutlery, an ancestral know-how”.


Focus on Chef Hideki NISHI

Chef Hideki NishiFond of good products and high culinary techniques, Chef Hideki Nishi catches the kitchen bug from an early age. Born into a family of restaurateurs, his parents owned a Japanese restaurant in Matsusaka, his hometown. Growing up, he became very interested in Western cuisine. Determined to deepen his knowledge of French gastronomy, Hideki Nishi leaves Japan to come and settle in France.

He started out in the best establishments in the capital. At Taillevent at first alongside Chef Philippe Legendre who will set him up for the stirrup. Needy and persevering, he does not count his hours to improve and prove his ability. There followed 13 years at the Georges V, alongside Chef Legendre then Chef Eric Briffard.

A deep desire then develops to be able to assert one’s own culinary writing. It was with his wife that he opened his first Summer Snow restaurant. In which, he experiments cooking with charcoal, a Japanese heating technique at 800 ° which allows to trap the flavors and bring crispness.
And even if he sometimes draws his inspiration from his Japanese origins, his cuisine, both classic and modern, remains imbued with the codes of traditional French cuisine.


Want to shop Le Thiers® by Claude Dozorme ?

Visit our online store, La Grande Coutellerie to find more information about Le Thiers® Classic and sommelier Le Thiers®.

Restaurant NEIGE D’ETE
12 rue de l’Amiral Roussin, 75015 Paris
Tél. : +33 (1) 42 73 66 66 | E-mail :
Site :

Restaurant PILGRIM
8 rue Nicolas Charlet, 75015 Paris
Tél. : +33 (1) 40 29 09 71 | E-mail :
Site :

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Say « Cheese » with Dozorme!

Plateau fromages - Crédit photo : Denis Grudet

Crédit photo : Denis Grudet

In France, there are no less than 1,000 varieties, of all sizes and all shapes, made from cow’s milk, sheep’s milk, goat’s milk, soft cheese, pressed, cooked, uncooked, blue… There are so many that we wouldn’t have enough place in here to list them all! 😊
And consumption side, the French are not outdone with 26kg per year and per personn! Traditionally served on the tray at the end of a meal, it is more and more appreciated as a starter like “tapas”.

However, its cutting and its service are governed by very specific codes. It is, in fact, most important to use the appropriate knives according to the types of cheese so as not to mix the aromas of the cheeses with each other. It’s not about doing anything.
This is why, faithful to the preservation and sustainability of the French art of living, Claude Dozorme cutlery has given birth to a range of products dedicated to this national emblem, entirely manufactured in its workshops in Thiers.


A dedicated knife for each cheese

Pochette couteaux à fromages - Claude DozormeIn collaboration with CNIEL, the manufacturer has developed cheese knives for dining room service in restaurants. Plate cutting is, in fact, a real spectacle in itself which is done in continuity of service. It requires making beautiful regular and appetizing portions while limiting food losses and waste.

A leather pouch containing 6 cheese knives signed Dozorme was thus created. Each piece has been studied by a cheese MOF to make clean cuts of cheeses according to the different textures, pastes or shapes. It also allows students of hotel lycées to calmly grasp the cutting of cheeses.


Couteaux à fromages - Claude Dozorme


Say “cheese” in XXL!

Grand couteau à fromage DozormeLike the fashion accessory that gives style to any outfit, the large Dozorme cheese knife will bring the final touch to any tray.

It must be said that with its XXL format, its dwarf birch handle and its blue, white and red turntables reminiscent of “Meilleur Ouvriers de France” ’s collars, the latest addition to the “Made in France” range does not go unnoticed and is displayed proudly alongside the finest cheeses.

Unusual, the Cancoillotte spoon

Cancoillotte - Crédit photo : Sabine Alphonsine

Crédit photo : Sabine Alphonsine

While Paris has its Eiffel Tower, the Cancoillotte, a cheese specialty from Franche-Comté now has its spoon! It must be said that with its runny and flowing texture, the “Canco” is a special dish that can be enjoyed with a spoon, preferably small!

To appreciate it as it should, it therefore needed the appropriate utensil, perfectly suited to its tasting and its service. Immediately requested by the APC, Association de Promotion de la Cancoillotte, immediately created by cutlery Claude Dozorme!
A most useful promotional tool!

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When Dozorme knives enhance Mexican gastronomy

It is rue Troyon, close to the magnificent Place de l’Etoile on which stands the Arc de Triomphe, nestled in the gourmet restaurant Oxte. As soon as you walk through the doors of the establishment, it is a room of the most sophisticated that comes to you. Bright and cozy, both contemporary and retro with its leather sofas, velvet armchairs and formica tables. A mix of explosive materials but that works perfectly!

The dishes are a real invitation to travel, an ode to Mexico, where the chef, Enrique CASARRUBIAS, is born. On the plate, therefore operates a tasty blend of French and Mexican cuisine. “By creating my restaurant in 2018, I wanted to show that Mexican cuisine is not just spicy food and fast food. As I am a fan of French cuisine, I wanted to make a culinary association of both cultures, dishes prepared from local products.”

Enrique Casarrubias -Chef du restaurant Oxte
Restaurant Oxte

Claude Dozorme, knives that have sharp edges

Simply order a meat or monkfish so that one of the three servers that make up the team presents you with a box of knives signed Dozorme. “Customers are surprised by the quality of the knives when we open the box. More and more, even, know the mark Dozorme.” recalls the Chef. And to continue: “I had already seen Dozorme knives because La Grande Coutellerie was right next to my old job. When I pushed the doors of the shop, I immediately hooked on the Le Thiers® table model with the olive handle. I finally decided to buy a service of about forty knives for my restaurant. In use, I am very satisfied with their sharpness”

Coffret Le Thiers® Dozorme avec manche olivier

Cutlery made in France in Parisian restaurants

“It’s important for me to choose products made by French artisans. That’s why I bought the knives from the Dozorme factory. All my dishes are French and Mexican. Finally, it’s my way of valuing the know-how of these two countries that are so dear to my heart.” says Enrique CASARRUBIAS.
And at the end of the service, a ritual is required: the Dozorme knives are immersed in olive oil to feed their olive handles and keep the glow of the wood and this, “for a week”, before new clients local, gourmands or tourists do not come to eat in this beautiful Parisian address.

Want to shop Le Thiers® olive handle Dozorme ?

Visit our online store, La Grande Coutellerie.

Restaurant OXTE
5 rue Troyon, 75017 Paris
Tél. : 01 45 75 15 15
Site :

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Clos Laguiole et Le Thiers, corkscrews by Dozorme expose themselves in a sublime video signed HMWK

Resolutely turned towards the future but at the same time well anchored in his time, the cutlery Claude Dozorme knew how to intelligently take the turn of the digital and the video to highlight his universes and range of associated knives.

After having brilliantly revealed, last year, its range of outdoor pocket knives, in a video made by HMWK, the cutlery thiernoise recidivates this year.
For this new collaboration with HMWK, Claude Dozorme wanted to exhibit his range dedicated to the world of the cellar with a staging of his corkscrews Clos Laguiole and Le Thiers®.
It must be said that Claude Dozorme’s corkscrews are most inspiring.

Clos Laguiole and Le Thiers®, 2 iconic sommeliers

Sommelier Le Thiers® par Claude Dozorme

Entirely manufactured at the heart of the cutlery in Thiers, Clos Laguiole and Le Thiers® are two very high precision’s corkscrews.

The family cutlery is part of the two emblematic French forms that are the shape of Laguiole and that of Le Thiers® to design these essential everyday tools that combine corkscrew, bottle opener and capsule cutter. The Dozorme sommeliers are also equipped with a conical drill specially designed in a high-quality steel guaranteeing a perfect opening of the bottles (even the oldest) without damaging or breaking the plugs.

Very appreciated by connoisseurs of wine, sommeliers Dozorme dress up in their finery. We can find handles in precious wood or horn, all-carbon versions and even a special collection “France” with blue-white-red scales.

Sommelier Clos Laguiole par Claude Dozorme

Sommelier Clos Laguiole par Claude Dozorme

A video signed HMWK

It is therefore through the sommeliers, that the audiovisual production company HMWK wanted to enhance the range “cellar” Claude Dozorme. Under the expert eye of Blanche, the director of the clip, they take here their full dimension.
Subtlety, as usual, Blanche chose to parallel the work of the winemaker and that of the cutler. For 2 minutes, we become the privileged witnesses of the slow path necessary for the creation of a cuvée and a product stamped Dozorme. It shows the importance of the hands and the materials, the precision and the rigor required as well as the passion screwed to the body.
And the result is most captivating. We let ourselves be carried away by these images with a licked aesthetic and by this almost off-the-wall voice that tells you a story of men and passion.
A very beautiful artistic feat the fruit of the collaboration of a centennial family business and a start-up settled in Clermont-Ferrand!

Want to shop corkscrews Le Thiers® by Dozorme ?

Visit our online store for further information about Clos Laguiole and about sommelier Le Thiers®

And to find out more about HMWK, follow the link !


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“PME RMC Trophies” in Paris, on the way to the final!

Remise des "Trophées PME RMC" 2019She did it !
Last September 23rd, the family cutlery Claude Dozorme won the regional competition of the “PME RMC Trophies” in the “artisanal” category. A ceremony that took place within the Lyon-Métropole Chamber of Commerce, partner of this 10th edition.
“It is a great pride for our family business to be recognized for its craftsmanship but also a great opportunity to accelerate our visibility nationwide” said Claudine Dozorme.

It must be said that the next step is the grand finale in Paris with the key to an advertising campaign in the amount of € 100,000 on the RMC antenna!

The “PME RMC Trophies”, the first competition of France dedicated to SMEs

Last May, RMC launched the tenth edition of the “PME RMC Trophies”, the first competition in France dedicated to SMEs that contribute to the dynamism of the French economy.
For this new edition, 1,316 companies have applied in one of the seven categories: “creative”, “young shoot”, “responsible & sustainable”, “artisanal”, “export”, “made in France “and” SME of the year “.

Remise des "Trophées PME RMC" 2019

For Claudine Dozorme, it seemed natural to compete in the category “craft”. “Even if we use modern techniques like the laser cutting of our blades, we remain craftsmen, inheritors of a know-how transmitted by my great-grandfather, Blaise Dozorme Proof is, all the stages of the manufacture of ‘a product stamped Dozorme have remained unchanged for more than a century and are entirely manufactured in our workshop Thiers”.


Highlight the craft of cutler, ancestral know-how

Stand Claude Dozorme lors de la remise des "Trophées PME RMC" 2019Through this trophy, the Claude Dozorme cutlery wants to represent the entire cutlery industry, rich in ancestral know-how, but also to promote the cutler’s craft which is constantly evolving to meet the new expectations of consumers. and stick to the market trends.
“Thanks to this trophy, the French will know that there is in France a production of quality artisanal knives. They know Japanese knives, German but very little French knives. A great opportunity to let them know!”.

Another desire of the Dozorme manufacture “to make our profession known to the new generations, to inspire them with the desire to swell the ranks of the cutlery industry, to encourage vocations, to perpetuate this know-how and its creative possibilities.” emphasizes Claudine Dozorme. “Especially nowadays, craftsmanship is a mix of tradition and modernity. Manual labor is greatly facilitated by the use of new technologies”.


Promote Le Thiers®, symbol of a whole profession

Couteau Claude Dozorme Le Thiers®This tremendous highlighting will also promote the promotion of a recent and community model, the true standard of the Thiers cutlery: Le Thiers®. A knife with regional identity, distinguished by its line, its name affixed to the blade, its punching (a “T” inscribed in a square) and strict specifications and quality guarantee quality for the consumer that the Dozorme manufacture continues to reinterpret atypical, original but always in tune with the times.

So just wait until Wednesday, October 16, the date of the award ceremony in Paris, sponsored this year by Arnaud Montebourg, to find out if Claudine Dozorme and the family factory will be on the list of winners in 2019 “Trophies SME RMC”.
Appointment is given on October 16 to see the results!
By then, let’s cross our fingers…

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