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Multi-slicers : kitchen accessory

Multi-slicer kitchen accessory: razor sharp on two angles making it easier to cut food

First of all, the multi-slicer kitchen accessory is the essential versatile kitchen accessory. Indeed, the multi-slicer has been designed, as its name suggests, to cut all the food in your kitchen.

First, its blade has a razor sharp edge on both sides allowing it to cut any food. Moreover, the epoxy coating of the blade allows better hygiene. The blade is easily removable, and therefore easy to clean. Thus, you can easily switch from one food to another while retaining all their flavor.

The stainless steel upright has been designed to accommodate food of all sizes. Whether it’s tomatoes, bread, sausage, or meat … everything can be cut by the multi-slicer ! The wire of the blade allows to cut the meats without tearing them, like a professional kitchen knife. Furthermore, the base with groove can accommodate the wire of the blade without breaking.

Like the kitchen knives of Claude Dozorme brand, the cutter blade is made of stainless steel X50CrMoV15. The blade has an excellent cutting-edge performance. It is also very easy to sharpen.

Finally, the multi-slicer will be a very beautiful decorative object in your kitchen. The beech wood finishes or the burgundy or black stainless steel upright makes this kitchen accessory design without removing its efficiency. Entirely manufactured in the Thiernois Claude Dozorme workshops, the Master Cutler is once again demonstrating know-how and innovation to offer a product off the beaten track that reflects the artisanal know-how of the Claude Dozorme cutlery.

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