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Classic Laguiole pocket knife

Classic Laguiole pocket knife : 80 % of Laguiole made in France are made in Thiers for centuries

First of all, contrary to popular thinking, the Laguiole is not a registered trademark for knife but a type of pocket knife named after the eponymous village in the Aveyron. Famous for its curved shape and decorated with a mythical bee design, Claude Dozorme was the first cutlery manufacturer to create a non-folding version of the Laguiole for tableware.

That’s why the Master Cutler proposes original and varied models. Indeed, we can find Laguiole with wood handle, horn handle, brass bolster or stainless steel bolster. This pocket knife also exists in several sizes : 12cm or 9cm. For more choices, Claude Dozorme also proposes the Laguiole classic pocket knife with corkscrew.

Then, the Laguiole classic pocket knife also exists with a Damascus blade and mammoth handle.This knife becomes a real collector’s jewel… Moreover, Claude Dozorme has made a guilloché work of the spring until the blade of the knife. These details makes this knife a unique pocket knife.

Finally, the blade of this pocket knife is made with 12C27 stainless steel. It’s a high quality Swedish steel. It gives the Claude Dozorme’s knives a very good cutting edge.

Like all the Claude Dozorme’s knives, Laguiole classic poket knives are made in the Master Cutler’s workshops. Each knives made by Claude Dozorme are 100% made in France. Claude Dozorme’s Laguiole pocket knives are made in the respect of the cutlery tradition, in an artisanal way.

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Advantages of the Laguiole classic pocket knives :

  • 100% made in France
  • High quality 12C27 steel
  • Forged bee
  • Decorated spring as well as the beginning of the blade
  • Stainless bolster or brass bolster
  • Sheperd’s cross on the handle
  • Forced switchblade closing
  • Plate shearing

Lame en damas équivalent 120 couches, avec une révélation très profonde des motifs du damas, et guillochage manuel des platines et du ressort.
Livré dans un coffret chêne vernis avec un étui de protection en cuir.

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