Maître Coutelier depuis 1902 - Thiers
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Pocket knives

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First of all, the Claude Dozorme manufacture is very famous for the diversity of mechanisms that she regularly develops for her pocket knives.

Indeed, pocket knives are everyday objects, inseparable partners of collectors, hikers, lovers of open spaces or epicureans. Moreover, Claude Dozorme manufactures fully his knives in the Thiers workshop. As a result, Claude Dozorme benefits from a century-old know-how that has been passed down from father to son since 1902. Thus, every pocket knife stamped by Claude Dozorme is hand-made by skilled and passionate craftsmen. Finally, Claude Dozorme manufactures all his knives in the respect of the cutlery tradition.

Thus, for men or women, classic or contemporary, of different shapes and made with unusual materials, everyone will find the Dozorme that suits him. Moreover, Claude Dozorme knives are distinguished by the design of innovative opening and closing mechanisms. Indeed, it is in this unequaled know-how that lies the specificity of the Dozorme manufacture.


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