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Designers pocket knives

A bold design thanks to great designers

Faithful to its core principle, the fusion of creation and innovation, the Dozorme firm regularly joins forces with famous personalities or well-known designers for the design of both its table cutlery and pocket knives. Passionate and enthusiastic, these exceptional individuals have built up a strong bond of trust with this century-old company in order to fulfil their project, design or dream.

Warm and constructive exchanges that gives these exceptional branded products both character and meaning …

Claude Dozorme collaborated with Gérard Depardieu, Régis Dho and the M / M studios for its pocket knives.

Thus, the Master Cutler Claude Dozorme proposes graphic, contemporary and very aesthetic designers pocket knives. Each knife made in collaboration with an iconic character has a story.

Moreover, Claude Dozorme makes each of these pocket knives in its own workshops. Thanks to a very high-quality steel, these knives ensure an excellent cutting-edge performance and they are very easy to resharpen.

We let you discover them …

Entirely made in Claude Dozorme factory based in Thiers, this new pocket knife with very graphics lines has been designed by studio M/M on asking of Thierry Coste, It is the folding and sophisticated image of the steak knife which are actually in the restaurants of the Beaumarly group: Le Français, le George, le Café Marly.

Designed by Studio M/M (Paris)

 Mathias Augustyniak and Michaël Amzalag founded M/M in Paris in 1992

3 patterns especially created and engraved on the knife on both sides

Working as an artist, designer or stylist as the fancy takes him, Régis Dho has a poetic vision of the world. He uses together patterns, materials, colours and shapes. He’s a specialist in tableware and fine dining. He has worked for the biggest names in the world of home and professional cooking.

Moreover, this all-round genius has sprinkled a little magic from his design world by revamping a classic Dozorme knife design, the Liner. By dressing the knives with a motif featuring hounds tooth and Prince of Wales check tweeds, he has upturned traditional cutlery codes and blown a breath of fresh air into this range of kitchen knives. To further accentuate the ultra design and masculine feel of this collector’s item, the liners feature a Teflon-style black coating.

A nice meeting

Eternal connoisseur and passionate wine grower, Gérard Depardieu was looking for a leverless corkscrew. Indeedn, it had a genuine pocket knife blade and a perfect grip heralding the birth of the Capucin corkscrew…

With its conical screw,  the corkscrew can be opened delicately without damaging or breaking the corks. Moreover, its adjustment pin and its finely worked handle in natural woods makes this corkscrew a collector’s item. It requires long hours of meticulous workmanship to be mounted, adjusted, polished, shaped and sharpened by hand in the brand’s workshops. Furthermore, each blade is inscribed with the statement “Bon appétit et santé !” signed by the hand of this impassioned artist.

Honour of the rack railway train which goes all the way up to the top of the Puy de Dôme

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