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Laguiole steak knives

A classic knife : Laguiole steak knife by Claude Dozorme

Laguiole, this small village of Aveyron gave its name to a famous pocket knife with a curved handle adorned with a mythical bee. It was very popular with a folding knife in the last century by peasants who went on transhumance. Laguiole is not a knife brand but a form of unprotected knife, currently many cutlers make this model using techniques and especially with very different materials. Claude Dozorme brought his signature and was the first to manufacture in France the Laguiole steak knives with a fixed blade. All the knives of its manufacture bear its name, proof of quality and safety for the consumer as for the high quality of the materials used but also as for its place of manufacture.

As the other Claude Dozorme steak knives, the blade of the Laguiole steak knife is made with X50CrMoV15 steel, a very high quality steel. This steak knife cut very well and it’s easy to resharpen.

These knives, whose manufacture is signed Claude Dozorme, are 100% made in France in the workshops of Master Cutler since 1902. All stages of manufacture are integrated internally, which guarantees knives craft, of very high quality, 100% French.


Stainless steel bolster

Brass bolster

No bolster

47 Juniper wood 50 Exotic wood
48 Vallernia 70 Ebony wood
64MI Black horn 85 Ivory

71 Flake 56 Natural
63 Light horn 51 Exotic wood
55 Rosewood  

87 Aluminium 93 Matt finish
91 Shiny finish 90 Black
76 Cream 89 Olive wood
25 Vichy  

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Advantages of the Laguiole table knives :

  • 100% made in France
  • Mat or shiny stainless blade
  • Wide blade going all the way up to the end of the handle
  • Blade : easy to resharpen top-of-the-range X50CrMoV15 steel
  • Smooth cutting making it easy to resharpen
  • Grinding resulting from precise and fine sharpening
  • Tip of the blade hard but sharp
  • Razor sharp and excellent cutting performance
  • Brass or stainless steel bolster
  • Methacrylate handle (dishwasher safe)

  • Claude Dozorme

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