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XXL Liner kitchen knife

XXL liner kitchen knife: the folding kitchen knife

Claude Dozorme reinvents the traditional Liner pocket knife. Indeed, this folding knife has a Liner Lock opening and closing system.

The Master Cutler Claude Dozorme adapts it on a contemporary kitchen knife. Far more than just a professional cutting tool, the Dozorme kitchen knife is a genuinely decorative object that can be proudly displayed in French kitchens and given the place of honour on kitchen worktops.

That’s why Claude Dozorme wants to create a modern kitchen knife, aesthetic and original. The Liner XXL kitchen knife has a Liner Lock opening / closing system. This system is extremely safe because it blocks the blade when the knife is open.

Thus, you can fold this kitchen knife to store it without difficulty, without taking up space. Indeed, this kitchen knife is very safe because when it is folded, the blade is protected. Moreover, the Liner XXL carving knife will be perfect for cutting meat on a barbecue when the weather is nice, for example.

Finally, the Liner XXL kitchen knife is made of X50CrMoV15 stainless steel. This steel gives the knife an excellent cutting-edge performance and a very good hold of the wire. Furthermore, its re-sharpening is very easy. Like the pocket knife, the Liner XXL kitchen knife has a pen-type clip, which allows the knife to rest flat on a table.

This knife is entirely made in Claude Dozorme workshops. With its centuries-old know-how, the Master Cutler puts its technical expertise and knowledge at the service of high-performance craft knives, which constantly evolve with their time.

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Advantages of the Liner XXL kitchen knife 

  • 100% made in France
  • Very surprising folding kitchen knife
  • Easy to tidy away
  • Ensured safety for tidying away in a drawer
  • X50CrMoV15 steel : excellent cutting performance and easy to resharpen
  • Rockwell hardness between 54 and 56 HRC
  • Very precise sharpening which makes it easy to resharpen


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