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Clos Laguiole corkscrew

Clos Laguiole corkscrew: because each nectar deserves the best !

At once a solemn and convivial act, the opening of a bottle of wine requires great care and attention, especially where a Grand Cru or an exceptional vintage is concerned. Claude Dozorme offers the Clos Laguiole corkscrew to meet this specific need.

Claude Dozorme manufactures in France the Clos Laguiole corkscrew, little brother of Château Laguiole. Very popular with wine lovers, this corkscrew is also a collector’s item in its luxury version.

This corkscrew has a tapered bit which allows to gently open the old bottles without breaking the cap. It has a capsule cup and its c-flag also serves as bottle opener.

To pay tribute to this high quality product essential to the most beautiful cellars, Claude Dozorme offers this corkscrew in several versions. We find precious wood handles but also horn handles. This corkscrew also exists in carbon version or with inclusions of true uine stock mixed with colored resin to solidify the handle. Finally, Claude Dozorme also offers prestige handles in mammoth molasses or damascus from Balbach. These prestige corkscrew are real collector’s items.

All corkscrews of the Claude Dozorme brand are entirely made in the workshops of the Master Cutler. Manufactured in a traditional way, each corkscrew stamped Claude Dozorme is the result of the work of a qualified craftsman. All steps of production are integrated internally, in Thiers, the French capital of cutlery. Claude Dozorme guarantees 100% French products.

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Advantages of the Clos Laguiole corkscrew made by Claude Dozorme

  • 100% made in France
  • Highly resistant bit-fastening axis
  • Has a bottle opener and a foil cutter with micro serrated edge
  • Tapered bit
  • Delivered with an adjustment wrench which retightens the axis
  • Handle fitted with Torx screws
  • Delivered in a gift box with a wolf logo leather protection case

Clos Laguiole cedar wood handle Clos Laguiole corkscrew olive wood handle Clos Laguiole handle with green resin with inclusion of real vine stock Clos Laguiole snake wood handle Clos Laguiole handle with burgundy resin with inclusion of real vine stock Clos Laguiole corkscrew ebony handle Clos Laguiole red stamina handle Clos Laguiole corkscrew juniper handle Clos Laguiole handle with cream resin with inclusion of real vine stock

Clos Laguiole corkscrew black horn handle Clos Laguiole stag horn handle Clos Laguiole corkscrew light horn handle Clos Laguiole corkscrew ram horn handle

Clos Laguiole resin handle Clos Laguiole carbon handle Clos Laguiole corkscrew carbon handle

Especially made to opened delicately the oldest bottle without breaking the corks.

Clos Laguiole mammouth handle

Clos Laguiole beech wood handle close Clos Laguiole beech wood handle open
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