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Made in France: the Claude Dozorme cutlery makes resistance… and it succeeds!

Ouvrage Made in France - La France qui résisteBut what is the common point between Claude Dozorme cutlery, Flavigny anise, J.M. Weston loafers, Fragonard Perfumery or Rossignols skis? None will you say yet…
All these companies, flagship of the French heritage, have chosen to maintain all or part of their production in France. A real act of courage and resistance at a time when globalization and capitalism seem to move plants and production away from France and Europe …

This french know-how is found in the book “Made in France, France that resists” by Larousse editions.
Over the pages, 80 companies, craft, SMEs or multinationals, tell each other, reveal themselves and deliver their secrets of longevity under the feathers of Jean-Sebastien Petitdemange and Anthony Vitorino.
Through these stories, the authors show how much love of the profession, passion for a subject / an art and know-how are linked.

The history of our family factory, which has been working for more than a century to maintain ancestral know-how passed down from generation to generation and which has never ceased to innovate, is of course told.
Between the origin of the knife in Thiers, manufacture of a Laguiole pocket knife, presentation of new cutlery creations and anecdote relating to “yellow bellies”, discover our beautiful family story.

To read without delay!

Made in France : la coutellerie Claude Dozorme fait de la résistance... et ça


Useful information :

Made in France, Resisting France
Authors : Jean-Sébastien Petitdemange and Anthony Vitorino
Larousse Editions
Collection : Fine Books Larousse
224 pages
Price TTC : 25 €

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Dozorme appears in the new book « VIN, MÉTIERS D’ART & ART DE VIVRE » d’Hélène Farnault

Livre « VIN, MÉTIERS D'ART & ART DE VIVRE » d’Hélène Farnault“If wine is an art, the expression of a terroir and a civilization, it deserves and arouses objects in its image: Barrels and corks enrich the wine. Corkscrews and ice buckets inaugurate its tasting. Carafes and glasses magnify it. Chests, trunks and labels make him proud… All these objects showcase a multitude of materials and demonstrate exceptional craftsmanship. Wood, gold, silver, damask, glass, crystal, leather, ivory, straw… are thus worked by artists and craftsmen whose works bring wine to the level of of an art of living”.

For all lovers of beauty, excellence and the pleasures of the table, the book “Wine, Crafts & Lifestyle” is dedicated to you! And if in addition you appreciate the products of Dozorme manufacture, you will be filled!

The author, Hélène Farnault, gives pride of place to our cutlery by proudly displaying corkscrews and swords of exception that we create and design entirely within our own workshops, in Thiers, world capital of cutlery. Haute Cuisine, Clos Laguiole, Capucin Depardieu or Saber Design, find beautifully immortalized on glossy paper. Symbols of ancestral know-how and a French way of life, these products signed by Dozorme are the perfect reflection of the modernized tradition, the guideline of our manufacture.

Livre « VIN, MÉTIERS D'ART & ART DE VIVRE » d’Hélène Farnault

Through this wonderful book, Hélène Farnault wanted to show how wine inspires artists and craftsmen. How their creations offer the greatest wines, cognacs and other champagnes the most precious containers and exceptional cases but also participate in rendering their service impeccable.
To discover without delay!

Livre « VIN, MÉTIERS D'ART & ART DE VIVRE » d’Hélène Farnault


Useful information :

Vin, métiers d’art et art de vivre
Author : Hélène Farnault
Collection Le verre et l’assiette
Livres Glénat editions
288 pages
Public price TTC : 49 €

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