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“The Summer 2024 Sports Griffe”!

“The Summer 2024 Sports Griffe”!

We will be there posted by:Claude Dozorme

A Collection Inspired by the Spirit of Competition

In the coming weeks the sport will be honored and the whole world will live to the rhythm of the competitions. Maison Claude DOZORME could not miss this opportunity. We invites you to discover our brand new knife collection, the Liner Le Thiers® “The Summer 2024 Sports Griffe”!

This limited edition series was created in collaboration with painter François GROSLIERE from Clermont-Ferrand to celebrate the spirit of the competition while honouring the French know-how of our manufacture, entirely in our workshop in Thiers.

The collection stands out for its sporty design in the colours of the French flag. Whether you are a fan or simply a lover of beautiful objects, the Liner Le Thiers® “The Summer 2024 Sports Griffe” collection is for you.

Each knife features a distinct pattern, inspired by the disciplines in competition. Eight different visuals are highlighted: Swimming, Athletics, Cycling, Golf, Shooting, Riding, Judo and Tennis.

Each knife is delivered in a box in the colors of the collection, enhancing the exclusive appearance of the whole.

Order now and climb to the top of the podium!

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