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François GROSLIERE at Claude Dozorme’s

François GROSLIERE at Claude Dozorme’s

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Women’s painting: a unique artistic collaboration

The Maison Claude DOZORME, with its expertise in cutlery since 1902, has partnered with painter François GROSLIERE from Clermont-Ferrand for a unique and fascinating collaboration.

Together, they created a collection of knives that combine ancestral tradition and modern artistic expression, offering users an experience that is both practical and aesthetic.

A colourful collection

Navette table knives and Liner Lock folding pockets in this collection are adorned with paintings by the artist, creating original pieces. The collection includes six motifs for six distinct handles, each bearing a chosen work by François GROSLIERE.

This collaboration between the cutlery and the artist gives birth to a collection of knives, offering a sparkling range of colors and styles to pleased all art and cutlery lovers.

Fall for this unique collection!

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