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Do not cut the link, Claude Dozorme cutlery is active on its social networks

Do not cut the link, Claude Dozorme cutlery is active on its social networks

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Claude Dozorme cutlery has kept its expertise alive for 118 years now. Thus, it has been able to constantly adapt to fashions, new things, changes. Indispensable for creating a link, exchanging and sharing, social networks are used by Claude Dozorme cutlery to highlight all their creativity and inspiration.

Ne coupons pas le lien, la coutellerie Claude Dozorme est active sur ses réseaux

Focus on the different ways to follow Claude Dozorme cutlery :

Full view on Instagram

The beauty of a knife lies in the attention to details. On its Instagram, cutlery highlights its meticulous work through close-up and intimate photos. Thanks to its harmonious feed, the account promises subscribers elegant content, just like its products. Transmitting an emotion and being a source of inspiration, these are the missions of the @claudedozorme Instagram account.

YouTube, temple of creativity

On its YouTube channel, Dozorme cutlery offers resolutely artistic clips highlighting its multiple ranges of knives and in particular its pocket knives.

Each knife has its own video! This essential format allows you to discover the different uses of products and enhance them through captivating aesthetic images. These videos combine technical and plastic to offer the most captivating content. Like a tutorial, they also allow you to unlock all the secrets of the opening and closing mechanisms of its pocket knives, imagined by Dozorme cutlery.

A LinkedIn account, the B2B network par excellence

In parallel, to accelerate its business and increase its notoriety, Claude Dozorme has opened a LinkedIn account which aims to enhance the manufacture with a network of professionals via the publication of news, product focus and information on cutler know-how from Thiers.

A Facebook page full of content!

Finally, let’s not forget the essential Facebook. Cutlery shares all its news and adventures there through multiple formats: videos, photos, articles etc. With a very active community, the account is a source of interaction. Its more than 6000 likes are proof of this: the @ClaudeDozorme Facebook page knows how to offer new and informative content.

To find out more, follow us now. A lot of content is already waiting for you!

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