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A bold design, eclectic partnerships


M/M, a famous graphic design studio set up in 1992, is run by Michael Amzalag and Mathias Augustyniak, two brilliant graphic designers, artistic directors, authors of advertising campaigns and producers of video clips. These two all-round artists have worked with the most famous names from Balenciaga to Louis Vuitton via Madonna, Björk or even Vanessa Paradis. The BeauM/Marly – the latest in the range of knives designed and produced by the Dozorme company. Created by Thierry Costes for his latest Parisian venture, the Café Français, designed by the Studio M/M and produced by the Dozorme cutlery company, the BeauM/Marly is the embodiment of a three-party project. To remain true to the spirit of the Café Français, a new location allying French classicism with an extremely dense graphic design, Studio M/M designed the BeauM/Marly to be an ultra design and symmetrical object that echoes the colours of the establishment. BeauM/Marly steak knife gives the idea of a new pocket knife with graphics, coloured and transparent lines

Thomas Bastide

Born in 1954 in Biarritz, Thomas Bastide grew up in Paris where he studied at the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Graphiques (Penninghen), before continuing his studies in industrial design at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d’Art. As a designer for Baccarat since 1981, his talent and passion has led him to work for other major luxury brands such as Hennessy, Christofle, Ercuis, Odiot, Hermès to name just a few. For his first collaboration with the French cutlery manufacture, Claude Dozorme, Thomas Bastide has given free rein to his imagination and creativity by designing L’Ame and the Shadow, two sumptuous, original yet understated creations.  


L’âme by Thomas Bastide
For Thomas Bastide, a knife’s soul resides in its blade. Taking this postulate as his starting point, he emphasised the blade by leaving one side of the knife open and unadorned. When laid bare, the blade is revealed in all its splendour and understated elegance, playing on its appearance with an asymmetrical handle that allows it to balance on its right side.

The Shadow by Thomas Bastide
The first table knife with an asymmetrical, angled handle, the Shadow is an unusual and atypical knife whose angled handle holds the blade above the tablecloth. The asymmetrical thickness of the handle makes the knife very pleasant to hold and equally suitable for right and left-handed people.

The Flat Cut
Following the great success of L’Ame et Shadow, the partnership has continued with kitchen knives: Flat Cut
This new kitchen knife finds its originality in its asymetric shape and its inclinated handle. The blade is emphasized. Object becomes simple and pure. The handle thicker on a side, makes the knife very pleasant to hold.


Gérard Depardieu

One of the giants of French cinema, an eternal connoisseur and passionate wine grower, Gérard Depardieu was looking for a leverless corkscrew that had a genuine pocket knife blade and a perfect grip heralding the birth of the Capucin corkscrew… With its conical screw that allows even the oldest bottles to be opened delicately without damaging or breaking the corks, its adjustment pin and its finely worked handle in natural woods, the capucin corkscrew is a collector’s item that requires long hours of meticulous workmanship to be mounted, adjusted, polished, shaped and sharpened by hand in the brand’s workshops.

Each blade is inscribed with the statement « Bon appétit et santé ! » signed by the hand of this impassioned artist.


Régis Dho

Working as an artist, designer or stylist as the fancy takes him, Régis Dho has a poetic vision of the world that melds together patterns, materials, colours and shapes. A specialist in tableware and fine dining, he has worked for the biggest names in the world of home and professional cooking. This all-round genius has sprinkled a little magic from his design world by revamping a classic Dozorme knife design, the Liner. By dressing the knives with a motif featuring hounds tooth and Prince of Wales check tweeds, he has upturned traditional cutlery codes and blown a breath of fresh air into this range of kitchen knives. To further accentuate the ultra design and masculine feel of this collector’s item, the liners feature a Teflon-style black coating.

Habiller la lame du couteau de poche, un luxe très masculin à l’instar des grands d’Espagne et leurs lames de Tolède. Aujourd’hui plus discret, il passe inaperçu et se confond avec nos tweeds, pied de poule et prince de Galles. Tailler un costard pour ce couteau collector, telle était mon intention : un paradoxe.

Régis Dho

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