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Capucin pocket knife

Capucin pocket knife : Piedmontese opening system

First of all, the Capucin pocket knife is named like this because his handle looks like the hood of the Capuchin monks. A knife symbolising the Esprit of Thiers label, the Dozorme company has showcased both the pocket and tables versions. 

Otherwise, the opening and closing mechanism of this pocket knife is very simple. It’s the Piedmontese system, simple and non-locking system. The knife is opened using a small raised area on the heel of the blade that comes to lie against the back of the handle. This opening system gives the knife robustness and solidity. So, this pocket knife opens easily with one hand. Very easy to use, practical and durable, the knife is perfect for adventurers, hunters, etc …

Moreover, the Capucin pocket knife handle is made with wood and can be engraved with differents country animals : woodcock, boar, deer, rabbit, trout.

The Capucin pocket knife blade is made with the high quality X50CrMoV15 steel. It has an excellent cutting edge performance and it’s easy to resharpen.

Finally, this pocket knife is made in the Claude Dozorme’s cutlery workshops in Thiers, French capital of cutlery. These knives are 100% made in France in a traditional way. They benefit from the French know-how of the Master Cutler.

Découvrez la gamme du couteau de poche Capucin de nos campagnes

Advantages of the Capucin pocket knife :

  • 100% made in France
  • Very simple and therefore very robust Piedmontese opening and closing system
  • Delivered with an adjustment wrench which retightens the axis
  • Easy to handle
  • X50CrMoV15 steel : excellent cutting performance and easy to resharpen
  • Very thick blade (2mm)
  • Sharp-edged mitre which facilitates the opening of the blade
  • Delivered in a Claude Dozorme cardboard gift box

 Chaque couteau est livré avec un kit de réglage.Cle-de-serrage

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