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Hunting knives Skinners, Daggers and Flayed

Hunting knives : Skinners, daggers & flayed Claude Dozorme

Claude Dozorme offers three models of hunting knives: Skinners, Daggers and Flayed.

Hunting knives must be very ergonomic knives, practical and comfortable to use. Claude Dozorme realized different models in order to meet all these criteria and to answer a demand more and more demanding.

First of all, these three knives have one thing in common: their blade.
Indeed, the steel used for the blade is X50CrMoV15 steel. This steel gives the knives Claude Dozorme an excellent cutting edge performance and a very good hold of the wire. Re-sharpening is also very easy. Moreover, the blade is smooth: it does not tear the meat. Finally, the blade of these knives is fixed, which guarantees strength and robustness.

To ensure optimal ergonomics, these hunting knives have a slightly curved handle that fits perfectly with the shape of the hand. The grip of the knife is excellent.

The handle of these knives is Cristalium. It is a synthetic glass that does not tarnish and does not fear the external environment (water, soil, etc.). We also find inclusions of real feathers or wild boar hair, to reinforce the world of hunting to which these knives belong.

Each knife comes with its genuine leather case, which can be attached to the belt. The transport of this knife is greatly facilitated and the blade is perfectly protected.

Finally, the fixed blade knives are entirely made in the workshops of the Master Cutler Claude Dozorme. All manufacturing steps are integrated internally, so Claude Dozorme manages the entire production of his knives. All are handmade by passionate craftsmen, always thanks to unmatched French know-how.

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