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Clos Laguiole et Le Thiers, corkscrews by Dozorme expose themselves in a sublime video signed HMWK

Clos Laguiole et Le Thiers, corkscrews by Dozorme expose themselves in a sublime video signed HMWK

They got talent posted by:Claude Dozorme

Resolutely turned towards the future but at the same time well anchored in his time, the cutlery Claude Dozorme knew how to intelligently take the turn of the digital and the video to highlight his universes and range of associated knives.

After having brilliantly revealed, last year, its range of outdoor pocket knives, in a video made by HMWK, the cutlery thiernoise recidivates this year.
For this new collaboration with HMWK, Claude Dozorme wanted to exhibit his range dedicated to the world of the cellar with a staging of his corkscrews Clos Laguiole and Le Thiers®.
It must be said that Claude Dozorme’s corkscrews are most inspiring.

Clos Laguiole and Le Thiers®, 2 iconic sommeliers

Sommelier Le Thiers® par Claude Dozorme

Entirely manufactured at the heart of the cutlery in Thiers, Clos Laguiole and Le Thiers® are two very high precision’s corkscrews.

The family cutlery is part of the two emblematic French forms that are the shape of Laguiole and that of Le Thiers® to design these essential everyday tools that combine corkscrew, bottle opener and capsule cutter. The Dozorme sommeliers are also equipped with a conical drill specially designed in a high-quality steel guaranteeing a perfect opening of the bottles (even the oldest) without damaging or breaking the plugs.

Very appreciated by connoisseurs of wine, sommeliers Dozorme dress up in their finery. We can find handles in precious wood or horn, all-carbon versions and even a special collection “France” with blue-white-red scales.

Sommelier Clos Laguiole par Claude Dozorme

Sommelier Clos Laguiole par Claude Dozorme

A video signed HMWK

It is therefore through the sommeliers, that the audiovisual production company HMWK wanted to enhance the range “cellar” Claude Dozorme. Under the expert eye of Blanche, the director of the clip, they take here their full dimension.
Subtlety, as usual, Blanche chose to parallel the work of the winemaker and that of the cutler. For 2 minutes, we become the privileged witnesses of the slow path necessary for the creation of a cuvée and a product stamped Dozorme. It shows the importance of the hands and the materials, the precision and the rigor required as well as the passion screwed to the body.
And the result is most captivating. We let ourselves be carried away by these images with a licked aesthetic and by this almost off-the-wall voice that tells you a story of men and passion.
A very beautiful artistic feat the fruit of the collaboration of a centennial family business and a start-up settled in Clermont-Ferrand!

Want to shop corkscrews Le Thiers® by Dozorme ?

Visit our online store for further information about Clos Laguiole and about sommelier Le Thiers®

And to find out more about HMWK, follow the link !


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