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Dozorme appears in the new book « VIN, MÉTIERS D’ART & ART DE VIVRE » d’Hélène Farnault

Livre « VIN, MÉTIERS D'ART & ART DE VIVRE » d’Hélène Farnault“If wine is an art, the expression of a terroir and a civilization, it deserves and arouses objects in its image: Barrels and corks enrich the wine. Corkscrews and ice buckets inaugurate its tasting. Carafes and glasses magnify it. Chests, trunks and labels make him proud… All these objects showcase a multitude of materials and demonstrate exceptional craftsmanship. Wood, gold, silver, damask, glass, crystal, leather, ivory, straw… are thus worked by artists and craftsmen whose works bring wine to the level of of an art of living”.

For all lovers of beauty, excellence and the pleasures of the table, the book “Wine, Crafts & Lifestyle” is dedicated to you! And if in addition you appreciate the products of Dozorme manufacture, you will be filled!

The author, Hélène Farnault, gives pride of place to our cutlery by proudly displaying corkscrews and swords of exception that we create and design entirely within our own workshops, in Thiers, world capital of cutlery. Haute Cuisine, Clos Laguiole, Capucin Depardieu or Saber Design, find beautifully immortalized on glossy paper. Symbols of ancestral know-how and a French way of life, these products signed by Dozorme are the perfect reflection of the modernized tradition, the guideline of our manufacture.

Livre « VIN, MÉTIERS D'ART & ART DE VIVRE » d’Hélène Farnault

Through this wonderful book, Hélène Farnault wanted to show how wine inspires artists and craftsmen. How their creations offer the greatest wines, cognacs and other champagnes the most precious containers and exceptional cases but also participate in rendering their service impeccable.
To discover without delay!

Livre « VIN, MÉTIERS D'ART & ART DE VIVRE » d’Hélène Farnault


Useful information :

Vin, métiers d’art et art de vivre
Author : Hélène Farnault
Collection Le verre et l’assiette
Livres Glénat editions
288 pages
Public price TTC : 49 €

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Dozorme on Chef Giraud’s tables

Restaurant Domaine des Hauts de Loire à Onzain
Relais & Châteaux

Domaine des Hauts de Loire
79 rue Gilbert Navard
41150 Onzain
02 54 20 72 57


After Jacques Decoret of the restaurant of the same name, let’s meet Rémy Giraud from the Domaine des Hauts de Loire located at Onzain between Blois and Tours.

L'Art des Mets selon Rémy, école de cuisineThis double-starred chef knows the Dozorme cutlery well since he uses his knives in his cooking school « L’Art des Mets ». Remy Giraud remembers: “It was 4 years ago, I was looking for French-made kitchen knives for my cooking school when I met Claudine Dozorme at the Maison & Objet Salon. I knew then, of reputation, the city of Thiers and its ancestral know-how in the manufacture of knives of quality less the cutlery Claude Dozorme. So we met: after explaining my request, she told me the story of the family factory and introduced me to the various products crafted in the heart of his workshop near Thiers. I really could appreciate the brand’s knives “.

His choice was immediately focused on the new range of kitchen knives imagined and designed by Thomas Bastide and named Flat Cut. What seduced him? The resolutely modern design of these kitchen knives and their originality with their asymmetrical shape and the inclination of the handle.

Couteaux Claude Dozorme - Restaurant Domaine des Hauts de Loire par Rémy GiraudAnd he doesn’t intend to stop there with the cutlery Dozorme! Proof of his great satisfaction for the kitchen knives of the brand, he plans to use now the table knives London in its new bistro-style establishment that will open shortly.

In the meantime, he is always proud to value the national gastronomy while promoting the art of the French table without stopping to pass on his knowledge to the younger generations!


Who are you Rémy Giraud ?

L'Art des Mets selon Rémy, école de cuisineOriginally from Vendée, Rémy Giraud arrived at the Domaine des Hauts de Loire in 1986 as a second. Two years later, he took the reins of the furnaces and obtained a first Michelin star and a second in 1993. A great recognition for this chef who had never previously worked for a starred table!

A few years later, thinking about his end of career, he decided to create the Art of Mets, cooking school entirely imagined and conceived by his son, architect. In this semi-professional school “so that my students feel at home”, Rémy Giraud transmits his secrets and his knowledge and likes to value local products and local producers.

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Le Thiers® and le Laguiole in a video signed HMWK

Baroudeur Laguiole - Couteau outdoor DozormeSince 1902, Claude Dozorme sublimates an ever more daring cutlery. Derived from ancestral know-how, modernized and jostled, the creations of the Manufacture, entirely created and handcrafted in France, are resolutely turned towards the future and technical innovation. This is particularly the case for its range of outdoor knives: Liner lock Le Thiers® and Le Baroudeur Laguiole. Faithful partners of hikers and open spaces lovers, these 2 knives have been specially designed to meet all expectations and all needs.

Liner lock Le Thiers® - Couteau outdoor Dozorme

Today, to increase the value of its pocket knives among the youngest, the family-owned company wanted to stage them through a small film orchestrated by a young start-up from Clermont, HMWK :

For Claudine Dozorme, manager of cutlery, the idea was to draw a parallel between Dozome’s cutlery know-how and the innovative nature of the knives to stick to the brand’s “modernized tradition” brand.
For HMWK, there was no question of communicating raw and obvious on the knives but rather turning to a more subtle presentation that would value the values of manufacturing: quality, sharing and trust.
Blanche, one of the managers of the audiovisual company and director, explains the creative principle: « During this project, we wanted to anchor the brand on a territory, in a past and in values. Thus the knife appeared to us as the extension of the arm, the tool that makes sense, that ensures, the one that we have in all circumstances, even the most atypical. Climbing naturally seemed to us to be the ideal subject for moving the “product message”, while keeping the ideas defended through the Claude Dozorme knives. It was for us the possibility to avoid some common places to highlight the use and the user of the knives Claude Dozorme. ».

The result ? A bluffing clip to the aesthetics of more neat mixing indoor and outdoor images shot between manufacturing workshop in Thiers and Sancy.
The brand Claude Dozorme? More than ever in the air!

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Tentation – January 2018

Tentation - Janvier 2018

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A brand new corkscrew Le Thiers® for Dozorme

The opening of a bottle requires good tools perfectly adapted. That’s why Claude Dozorme company offers very high precision corkscrew that have an excellent grip. Appreciated by connoisseurs, the Dozorme’s corkscrew are made in close collaboration with professionals, whether they are wine merchants, oenologists or sommeliers.

Little brother of Clos Laguiole the corkscrew Le Thiers® is the last born of the cutlery located in Thiers.


Sommelier Le Thiers® pour Dozorme

Entirely hand-made in the cutlery workshops, the corkscrew Le Thiers® has a conical drill specially designed in a high-quality steel guaranteeing a perfect opening of the bottles (even the oldest) without damaging or breaking the plugs. Its double-lever toad allows extraction of corks in 2 times, to avoid the broken caps or crumbling in the wine. And to perfect the service, the corkscrew Le Thiers® is equipped with a notched capsule cutter that offers a clean and easy cutting of all the lids of the wine bottles.

Sommelier Le Thiers® pour Dozorme

Available in 6 models, the sleeves of the corkscrew Le Thiers® are adorned with wood or horns: dwarf birch, juniper, ebony, deer, ram or light horn. Because each nectar deserves the best!

Exclusive launch at the last Maison & Objet show in Paris.

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Dozorme sabers the Champagne !

Ambiance - Sabre Prestige

What would be the end of year celebrations without Champagne, a sparkling symbol of French elegance and refinement ? Loved worldwide for its light, sparkling bubbles and its unique taste, it’s the standard bearer for the image and attractiveness of France. The opening and serving of Champagne is imbued with a certain ritual. The most emblematic of these is still the sabering of the neck of the bottle.

To perpetuate this centuries-old tradition, the Claude Dozorme Company is reissuing magnificent collections of Champagne sabers, entirely made in France in the heart of the family factory in Thiers.


SABER DESIGN collection

Modern and contemporary, the champagne sabers DESIGN Claude Dozorme come are available in 3 models :




Extreme refinement for the collection of PRESTIGE Champagne sabers Claude Dozorme available in 6 models with emblematic names :

Other existing models

  • Lafayette : green handle and golden guild in fine gold
  • Mac Mahon : black handle and silvered guild
  • Lassalle : blue handle and silvered guild


We love : The dragon trimmings hark back to the days when the riders of the napoleonic cavalry wore their arms at the wrist.


Do you know the origin of this tradition ?

The practice of sabering champagne dates back to the nineteenth century and the hussars of the Napoleonic Guard. Indeed, these brave warriors used to pay homage to victory, vigor, virility and the ladies by … blowing up the champagne cork with a simple flip of the blade. They sabered the Champagne. A spectacular and masterful gesture explained by Claudine and Claude Dozorme.

Somewhat fallen into disuse in recent years, sabered remains a true symbol of the French way of life, both chic and timeless and invariably evokes the most beautiful solemn parties.

So why not be tempted by this magnificent original and prestigious object that will gracefully accompany all your events ?

Pour + de renseignements, rendez-vous du côté de la boutique en ligne “Sabre à champagne”.

For more information, go to the online shop “Champagne Saber”.

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Le Thiers® by Thomas Bastide

Faithful to its core principle, the fusion of creation and innovation, the Dozorme firm regularly joins forces with famous personalities or wellknown designers.

This is the case of Thomas Bastide, famous designer for Baccarat among others, who imagined for the family cutlery two magnificent creations based on the Le Thiers® knife: L’Âme and Le Shadow.


Le Shadow by Thomas Bastide

Le Shadow by Thomas Bastide

Le Shadow by Thomas Bastide

Unusual and atypical, Le Shadow is the first table knife with an asymmetrical and angled handle. This angled handle holds the blade above the tablecloth. An original object of both the most aesthetic and ultra practical ! Moreover, its thicker handle on one side than on the other makes its excessive gripping pleasant and totally ambidextrous. Not to mention that its very high-end steel gives it a smooth edge allowing easy resharpening.

Le Shadow is acclaimed by the great names of the french cuisine and proudly adorns the most beautiful tables like those of the star chef and best worker of France, Jacques Decoret in his restaurant eponymous located in Vichy.

L’Âme by Thomas Bastide

L’Âme by Thomas Bastide

L’Âme by Thomas Bastide

For Thomas Bastide, the soul of a knife lies in his blade. Starting from this postulate, he magnifieded this blade by undressing it from one side of the knife. Thus naked, the blade reveals itself in splendor and sobriety and plays its appearances with its asymmetrical handle which allows it to hold in balance on the right side and thus does not touch the tablecoth.


Who is Thomas Bastide ?

portrait-thomas-bastide-dozormeBorn in 1954 in Biarritz, Thomas Bastide lives and grows in Paris where he joins the Higher School of Graphic Arts (Penninghen) before heading towards industrial design at the National School of Applied Arts and crafts. Creator of Baccarat since 1981, his talent and passion lead him to work for other great names of luxury: Hennessy, Christofe, Ercuis, Odiot, Hermes and many others.

For his first collaboration with the french cutlery Claude Dozorme, Thomas Bastide has allowed his heart and creativity to speak by proposing L’Âme and Le Shadow, two sumptuous original and subtle creations. Lately, the designer has imagined a brand new range of kitchen knives called Flat Cut which we will talk about soon…

In the meantime, if you also want to sublimate your table with Thomas Bastide’s creations Le Thiers®, do not hesitate to consult our shop online.

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Dozorme on Chef Decoret’s tables in Vichy

Restaurant Decoret à Vichy (Auvergne)
Relais & Châteaux

Maison Decoret
16 rue du Parc
03200 Vichy
04 70 97 65 06 ///


Proof of their high quality and their design, table knives Claude Dozorme can been seen more and more on the most sophisticated tables in France and Navarre.


Portrait - Jacques DecoretToday we invite you to meet Jacques Decoret, « Meilleur Ouvrier de France » and one Michelin star who use, for many years, the table knives “made in France” of the family cutlery.

Settled in Vichy with his wife in a beautiful Napoleon III, Jacques Decoret has been the only Michelin-starred Chef in the Allier department for 17 years. Elected « Meilleur Ouvrier de France » in 1996, he won the prestigious title of “Chef of the Year 2017” at the « Trophées de la Gastronomie et des Vins » on October 30th.

True creator of taste, he has earned his stripes from the greats, from Jean-Michel Lorain to Régis Marcon, via Michel Troigros and Alain Passard.

In his establishment « La Maison Decoret », the Chef sublimates a cooking unceasingly renewed and without artifice, capturing and revealing nature in its essence with associations of sharp and unsuspected flavors. Cookings are slow and perfectly controlled, textures magnify the product, sauces and juices are conceived like real infusions to privilege the delicacy. A real goldsmith work.


Couteau de table Le Thiers® - Restaurant Decoret

To sublimate his daring, personal and extremely accomplished cooking, this maestro made the choice of cutlery Dozorme for his table knives and more precisely the Shadow designed by Thomas Bastide. A Le Thiers® table knife by Claude Dozorme resolutely trendy and original in perfect harmony with Chef Decoret’s cooking.

To satisfy taste buds and pupils!

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