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L’Hôtel Royal***** d’Évian-les-Bains highlights Dozorme’s cutlery

It’s in an exceptional environment on Lake Geneva’s shores that we find the knives Claude Dozorme, within the very chic and very prestigious Royal hotel of Evian-les-Bains.

Hôtel Royal***** d'Evian-les-Bains

Located in the heart of a private estate of 19 hectares, the 5-star hotel, which received the Palace label in 2016, dominates the heights of Evian-les-Bains offering breathtaking views of Lake Geneva and the French and Swiss Alps.

In this rare place of French luxury, the arts of the table must always be flawlessly. That’s why Dozorme cutlery is present in this sophisticated establishment, especially in Les Fresques restaurant. Recently awarded with a star in the Michelin Guide, the establishment offers an inventive and refined cuisine under the leadership of Chef Patrice Vander. On the menu, there are some classics, such as wild sea bream marinated in mango, wokame and caviar Osciètre, Bresse’s chicken, supreme studded foie gras with herbs and yellow wine or “dishes collections”.

Here, the pieces signed Dozorme invite themselves on the tables, but not in simple knives laid on the tablecloth. The knives are proposed to the client, expertly staged in an oak cabinet. The customer has the choice between four table knives manufactured within the cutlery of Thiers: a Laguiole , a Le Thiers®, a Capuchin or a Shuttle 6.16. Proof of their success with a clientele accustomed to exceptional products, the establishment recently offers for sale, in its shop, the 4 models of knives that contribute to the reputation of the manufacture.

Couteau de table Claude Dozorme - Le Thiers®

Le Thiers® – Table knives Claude Dozorme

Couteau de table Claude Dozorme - Le Capucin

Capuchin – Table knives Claude Dozorme

Couteau de table Claude Dozorme - Navette 6.16

Shuttle 6.16 – Table knives Claude Dozorme

For cheese service, everything is orchestrated in the rules of the art. The establishment opted for the complete range of Dozorme cheese knives presented in an elegant leather pouch. So, whether they be soft, pressed, cooked, uncooked, marbled or goat cheese, with each cheese, a knife for a perfectly tailored cut.

Pochette couteaux à fromages Dozorme

Range of cheese knives – Dozorme cutlery

And the partnership does not stop there! Soon, the entire sommellerie team will be equipped with custom Dozorme corkscrews at the initiative of Loïc Chavasse-Frette, sommelier in chief.
Finally, to deepen the cutlery knowledge of the restaurant staff, “cutlery” workshops will even be offered.
For Sébastien Caquelard, Director of Operations in charge of catering “it goes without saying that through this partnership, the Royal Hotel is much more than just a prescriber but a true ambassador of French know-how embodied by the Dozorme cutlery. We are very proud of this collaboration, which is highly appreciated by our customers. We have very good feedback on Claude Dozorme knives. We are all the more pleased that this collaboration was set up following a visit by Claudine Dozorme, as an individual. In a totally impromptu way! “.

Hôtel Royal*****
Avenue des Mateirons
74500 Evian-les-Bains
+33 (0)4 50 26 50 50

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Made in France

Couteau fromage bleu blanc rouge

Couteau à fromage bleu blanc rouge

One of the greatest pride in the Claude Dozorme cutlery is to maintain its entire production in France. All manufacturing steps are in fact entirely manufactured within the cutlery industry, from the cutting of steel to the assembly of knives via grinding, polishing and sharpening.
A know-how of excellence exercised for more than 100 years!

In order to promote this 100% French production to the greatest number of people, the family-owned factory has designed new ranges of pocket knives, kitchen knives or sommeliers ostensibly displaying the colors of France or alluding to French cultural heritage.

Clos Laguiole France Bouleau nain

Clos Laguiole bleu blanc rouge

Thus some products of the family cutlery is adorned with a blue white red border on their sleeves that also reminds the collar of the MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France). This is the case for the sommelier Clos Laguiole, as well as the brand new large cheese knife, both dressed with a dwarf birch handle.

As for the collection of Liners Le Thiers® named Made in France, it is reminiscent of the famous Eiffel Tower or the half-timbering typical medieval houses of the city of Thiers, with its braces affixed to a colored plexiglass.
Available in 4 colors (black, blue, white and red), this knife with sharp lines is presented on a specific map highlighting the French cultural heritage.

Couteau Claude Dozorme Made in France
Couteau Claude Dozorme Made in France
Couteau Claude Dozorme Made in France

Beautiful winks to the art of living in the French!


Want to “shop” these new knives by Dozorme?

Visit our online store, La Grande Coutellerie to find more information on Clos Laguiole and on Le Thiers® Made in France collection!

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The Shagreen

Couteau Le Thiers® Galuchat by Dozorme

Among the materials that Dozorme cutlery uses for its finest pieces, there is one that never ceases to amaze and fascinate us because of its beauty and texture: the shagreen.
Halfway between leather and mineral, it has a smooth appearance that reveals small rows of sparkling pearls. A true jewelery material that enhances Le Thiers® pocket knives by Dozorme. Indeed, this exceptional leather gives them a chic and precious touch while giving them a resolutely contemporary look.
Because just like the blade of a knife that must be perfect, the handle is a separate piece that requires to be dressed and adorned with the finest fabrics.


All about shagreen

Couteau Le Thiers® Galuchat by DozormeAt the same time, rare and precious, shagreen is a ray or shark leather used for many years in cabinet making, casing and more recently in leather goods. It must be said that it is by far the most resistant on the planet. This extraordinary resistance comes from the microscopic texture of its fibers that are crossed (like a fabric), instead of being parallel as on any other traditional leather. It is the tanning of this skin made of naturally crossed fibers which makes it possible to combine a beautiful skin granular, soft, extraordinarily resistant and of an original beauty.

Its name comes from its inventor, Jean-Claude Galluchat, a Master Craftsman of Louis XV who was the first, in the 18th century, to develop in France the use of this exceptional material. He had the habit of using this material to cover objects or small furniture on behalf of the Marquise de Pompadour.

Nowadays, the species of European rays being protected, the main and legal origin of the stingray is Thailand, where there is an abundance of a variety of stingray that is not on the list of endangered species and authorized to fish.

Discover without further delay the last born of the cutlery Dozorme, the pocket knife Le Thiers® by Dozorme adorned with blue stingray:

Couteau Le Thiers® Galuchat by Dozorme

And do not hesitate to “shop” our pocket knives Le Thiers® Elégance Galuchat on our online sales site, La Grande Coutellerie !

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Made in France: the Claude Dozorme cutlery makes resistance… and it succeeds!

Ouvrage Made in France - La France qui résisteBut what is the common point between Claude Dozorme cutlery, Flavigny anise, J.M. Weston loafers, Fragonard Perfumery or Rossignols skis? None will you say yet…
All these companies, flagship of the French heritage, have chosen to maintain all or part of their production in France. A real act of courage and resistance at a time when globalization and capitalism seem to move plants and production away from France and Europe …

This french know-how is found in the book “Made in France, France that resists” by Larousse editions.
Over the pages, 80 companies, craft, SMEs or multinationals, tell each other, reveal themselves and deliver their secrets of longevity under the feathers of Jean-Sebastien Petitdemange and Anthony Vitorino.
Through these stories, the authors show how much love of the profession, passion for a subject / an art and know-how are linked.

The history of our family factory, which has been working for more than a century to maintain ancestral know-how passed down from generation to generation and which has never ceased to innovate, is of course told.
Between the origin of the knife in Thiers, manufacture of a Laguiole pocket knife, presentation of new cutlery creations and anecdote relating to “yellow bellies”, discover our beautiful family story.

To read without delay!

Made in France : la coutellerie Claude Dozorme fait de la résistance... et ça


Useful information :

Made in France, Resisting France
Authors : Jean-Sébastien Petitdemange and Anthony Vitorino
Larousse Editions
Collection : Fine Books Larousse
224 pages
Price TTC : 25 €

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Damascus Steel

Couteau Le Thiers® RTL - Mammouth bleu 5Photo credit : Ludovic Combe

You will have noticed, number of exceptional Claude Dozorme’s knives, Le Thiers®, Laguiole or others is adorned with blades revealing patterns with rounded shapes, waves or curves. These blades are actually designed within the Dozorme cutlery from Damascus steel, which consists of a large number of layers forged together.

Couteau Thiers® DozormeDamascus steel is obtained by folding and forging successively different pieces of steel. This process repeated several times makes it possible to obtain a single piece composed of a hundred successive layers. Once forged, this set, sort of puff of steel, will reveal all kinds of patterns.

Traditionally, the purpose of Damascus steel also known as Damast, Damask steel or folded steel was to improve the properties of a piece of steel. Today, it is the most complex forge technical to perform.

Couteau Laguiole cuir noir Damas - Claude DozormeThis is why, for its Damascus steel, the family factory installed in Thiers collaborates with Balbach a famous German specialist for 2 years now. It must be said that for Claudine Dozorme “Damascus Balbach is very high quality and forged in the rules of art! “.
Damascus Balbach steel will then be worked and integrated into the most beautiful pieces, whether pocket knives or kitchen knives, manufactured in Dozorme workshops.


Focus on Balbach Damast

The Markus Balbach Forge stands out for its extensive experience and skills in forging techniques. Established in 1963 as an artesan forge by Eduard Balbach, the forge still exists today in the German city of Iserlohn. It is run by master blacksmith Markus Balbach as a second-generation family business. In 1991 Markus Balbach set up a second forge, which is located in Laubuseschbach in the central German region of Hesse. There he started doing research and development on Damascus steels and finally managed to produce them on an industrial scale. The forging specialists around Markus have continually developed and perfected this forging technique, which is well over 2,000 years old.

Now a market leader, this family business provides large industrial companies as well as small artisanal cutlery stores. For the latter, Damascus steels are forged by hand, using a complex and unique process. Custom creations are also proposed according to the requests of the customers.

Balbach Damast®
Heinrich Wörner Straße 1-3
35789 Laubuseschbach
+49 (0) 6475 8911

You can also “shop” our Le Thiers® pocket knives with Damas blade and Le Thiers® RLT ball bearing with Damascus blade on our online sales site, La Grande Coutellerie !

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