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Le Thiers® kitchen knife

Le Thiers® kitchen knife : for daily cooking

Because cooking is a daily pleasure, Claude Dozorme has created this new range of kitchen knives that will easily fit in your drawer. Versatile, these kitchen knives will serve you as well to slice your vegetables, as to cut meat or fish. The knives in this range are designed to be a comfortable size for all cooks, whether they are amateurs or professionals. These razor sharp kitchen knives are large enough to perform most cutting operations in the kitchen, but also small enough to be handled comfortably by hands of all sizes. Claude Dozorme has selected a very high quality steel for the blades: X50CrMoV15 (0.50% carbon, 15% chromium, 1% molybdenum and vanadium). It gives the knife an excellent cutting performance and easy resharpening of the blades.

This range consists of 4 knives:

–          The santoku 13cm

–          The paring knife

–          The carving knife 15cm

–          The carving knife 18cm

The handles of the daily kitchen range are available in real olive wood (not dishwasher safe) or in matt black methacrylate.

Made in our workshops in Thiers, the French capital of cutlery, our kitchen knives are the result of a century-old know-how. We guarantee 100% French knives, handmade and manufactured in the respect of the cutlery tradition.

Care tips:

Over time, a smooth-edged knife, even an excellent quality one, will “dull”. It is necessary to regularly resharpen the blade with a kitchen rifle to maintain it and give your knife back its original cut. We also recommend that you use a wooden or polypropylene cutting board to preserve the edge of your knife over time.

Discover the Le Thiers® kitchen knive range

Les + des couteaux de cuisine Le Thiers® :

  • Produit 100% fabriqué en France
  • Manche en méthacrylate compatible lave-vaisselle ou bois d’olivier (non compatible lave-vaisselle)
  • Prise en main extrêmement confortable et ergonomique
  • Acier haut de gamme X50CrMoV15 : très bonne tenue de coupe et réaffûtage aisé
  • Emouture très précise donc réaffûtage facilité
  • Affilage rasoir
  • Marquage au laser

  • Claude Dozorme

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    63650 La Monnerie - Le Montel

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